Pan & Fork could be new headquarters for Backbone Media

Dec 28, 2015

Credit Backbone Media

  Basalt could see another new office hub, and it’s tied to the ongoing debate about what can be built on the Pan and Fork parcel.


Local residents are petitioning for the Town of Basalt to buy the more than two acre parcel, and limit development to half an acre. President of Lowe Enterprises Jim DeFrancia says he can accommodate that cap, and a good fit might be building the new local headquarters for Backbone Media. “We have been in discussion with them for several months,” DeFrancia said Monday, “but have told them that we’re waiting for what the town deems to be acceptable.”

Backbone Media confirmed Monday the company is looking at Basalt as a possible new home for the approximately forty workers now based at Backbone’s Carbondale office.

Basalt Town Council is expected to review a staff design for the Pan and Fork parcel  in January, showing mostly park, amenities, and some development. Both the town’s design and the petition proposal would require a public vote. The citizen petition will continue to be circulated in the coming weeks.