Part-time Snowmass resident’s show opening at Anderson Ranch

Nov 9, 2015

Credit Betsy Chaffin

 Anderson Ranch Arts Center is switching out its exhibits today to open a new show.

“From There to Here” is an exhibit of Betsy Chaffin’s paintings that take you from her sketches to large-format paintings.


Though she splits time between South Carolina and the Roaring Fork Valley, going from here to there, that isn’t where the show’s title comes from. Her paintings are brightly colored canvases with hints of graffiti styling. Her sketches are scientific documents with gestures over the top of them.


Chaffin says it’s about the transition between an idea’s infancy and its full growth into a painting.


“I’m starting with a drawing, as an idea, as a basis," Chaffin says, "but then, as I begin working on a painting, but that painting takes on a total life of its own.”


Her drawings and paintings will be on display through the end of the month.