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Pitkin County explores solar power

May 21, 2015

Pitkin County will explore whether solar power is a good fit. Commissioners gave the green light Tuesday for a feasibility study.
Credit Creative Commons/Flickr/Oregon Dept. of Transportation

Pitkin county staff will explore using rooftops and other government property to install solar panels. County commissioners this week approved a funding request for a feasibility study. 

The county will spend between $15,000 and $25,000 to locate beneficial sites for solar and find out how much electricity could be generated. Right now, the county consumes 1.3 megawatt hours per year and it’s not offset by any significant renewable efforts. County Engineer G.R. Fielding says now is a good time to pursue solar.

"The cost of developing solar has come down significantly in the last decade. We do see people getting returns on their investment and developing solar energy."

On Friday, a large solar array near Carbondale installed by Clean Energy Collective officially opened. RFTA and Eagle County are purchasing some of the power. Fielding is looking to that public-private partnership as an example of where Pitkin County may go.