Platters make a great Thanksgiving addition

Nov 23, 2016

Meat and cheese platters pair very well with a glass of wine.
Credit Barbara Platts

 A group of locals and visitors attended a cooking class at Meat and Cheese Tuesday evening. The restaurant offers one each month, and this time was, of course, Thanksgiving themed.

A dining staple around the holidays are food platters. Meat and Cheese restaurant manager and platter designer Amy Wang offered tips on how to make a homemade dish look professional. She said one of the most important elements is having options.

“Give a lot of variation in texture, variation in flavors for pairing,” she said. “As well as, a good mustard and a good jam goes a long way.”


The class focused on meat and cheese platters, however her strategies can be applied to any assorted dish. Wang said it’s important to start by placing sauces. The build-out of the platter then involves meat or any food that takes more space. Cheeses and crackers can be added last.


She said including an eye-catching piece is important. That can be prosciutto rolls shaped like a flower, a large piece of cheese or an impressively-sized garnish.


“Putting that something on the side or in the middle draws your attention there and then spreads it out,” Wang said.


She advised to keep the layout clean and simple to make it look professional. And then, and only then, can it be dismantled, piece by piece.