Poem: The Sayings of Twilight Jesus

Oct 9, 2013


Twilight Jesus was looking for a little home to add another notch in time. He was traveling by his soul, deep in his bones, to the wilderness of freedom. "I wait here where the band is tuning up. I love the music; it washes through me, my water. "

He had the spirit of a hummingbird, radiating or reflecting illumination. " But hey, sometimes the only joy that leaps toward me is the joy of grief. I can't get God to talk to me, not knowing has to be good enough. Praise the night, the dreams that safely cradle you."

None of this happened, of course, but that doesn't make it less true.


About the Aspen Poets' Society:

Aspen Poets’ Society was born of the desire to provide a variety of venues for local and regional poets to share their original work with a public audience.  The two primary venues are its Facebook page, the Aspen Poets' Society website and Live Poetry Night at Victoria’s Wine and Espresso Bar in Aspen on the last Sunday of every month.  For more information contact: Kim Nuzzo, President, Aspen Poets’ Society, (970) 309-4828

About Kim Nuzzo:

Kim Nuzzo is a local performance poet/actor who has appeared in many local productions with the Hudson Reed Ensemble: The Crucible, Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, The Beats, Red Herring.  He also appeared recently in ACT’s 1776 as John Hancock.  He is President of the Aspen Poets’ Society and a Host/Cofounder of Live Poetry Night at Victoria’s Wine and Espresso Bar in Aspen.  He is the author of HolyFunk: Polaroids and Poems and is currently working on a new collection of poems: The Sayings of Twilight Jesus.