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'Post-Frontier Landscapes' Looks At Myth And Reality In The West

Aug 14, 2019


Palisade artist Julia March Crocetto looks at the conflict between perception and reality when it comes to the American West.

Many of Crocetto’s quilts and textiles in the new show, “Post-Frontier Landscapes,” on display at Carbondales' R2 Gallery, focus on water, portraying streambeds and rivers.


She says while some associate the American West with unspoiled wilderness, water exemplifies how the picture is a little more complicated.  

“Here in the Grand Valley, the water has become murky from a combination of natural erosion and then the runoff from the farmland and irrigation,” she said.

“Post-Frontier Landscapes” is on display alongside another exhibition, “LOOM,” which looks at  connections between weaving and computers. 

Both shows are open through the end of the month.