'The Price Of Everything' Raises Questions About The Contemporary Art Market

Aug 1, 2018

The documentary “The Price of Everything” will be screened Thursday at the Aspen Institute.

Longtime Aspen local Jennifer Stockman produced the film, which features interviews with collectors, dealers, auctioneers and artists.





Sue Simon is the managing director of the Aspen Institute arts program. She said the film will inspire the audience to think about what happens when art and commerce are deeply connected.

“I think, without being judgmental, it raises a lot of issues about what is the price of art, how can one price art and is it even possible to price art?” said Simon.


After the screening, director Nathaniel Kahn will join Stockman to discuss the creation of the film.


Thursday’s screening is an opportunity to see “The Price of Everything” before its wider release. HBO has purchased the rights to the documentary.