Progress being made on Wheeler Opera House renovations

Oct 13, 2015

A film screening inside of the Wheeler Opera House.
Credit Aspen Snowmass

The insides of the Wheeler Opera House will look completely different to those who step inside after mid-December.


The $3-4 million renovations include new restrooms, HVAC infrastructure and a bar with a better service area.The current layout becomes crowded easily and is often difficult to move around in.


The first floor of the building will become a true lobby area, while the second floor will have the bar, and a portable stage for small performances to happen.


Gena Buhler, executive director of the Wheeler, says the renovations will allow the venue to be more audience friendly, and allow for discussion of the shows as they take place and not force those conversations outside of the building.

In addition to internal renovations, solar panels are being installed on the roof. Those will be 90% completed by the winter, but will be finished next spring.