Rain Barrel bill goes to Colorado Senate

Apr 1, 2016

Rain barrel legislation cleared the state Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee with the help of two Republicans joining Democrats to vote for it. If law passes, it could affect gardening practices on a local level.


Growing Empowerment is an organization that helps educate people of all ages from Aspen to Parachute on how to build, rebuild and plant gardens. The organization’s overall mission is to get low-income families food and fresh produce year round.


Kim Doyle Willie, the founder of Growing Empowerment, said she believes passing this bill would allow Colorado residents to be more sustainable.


“We specialize in building organic gardens and any resources we can use, especially water that’s falling on the roofs of our homes makes sense to put in our gardens,” Doyle Willie said. “It doesn’t make sense that we wouldn’t allow people to use rainwater. It falls on our property. It should be our right to have it too.”

Politicians opposing the bill are concerned it would allow for household rain barrels to collect water supply dedicated to agriculture or water rights holders. The bill now heads to the Senate for further debate.