Remastered 'Yellow Submarine' Screened In Aspen Wednesday

Aug 14, 2018

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ classic psychedelic film “Yellow Submarine,” Aspen Film presents two screenings of the animated adventure at the Isis Theatre Wednesday night.  


Here's how Susan Wrubel, the executive director of Aspen Film, summarizes the plot of the trippy “Yellow Submarine.”

“There is this group of bad guys called the Blue Meanies who invade Pepperville with an army of Storm Bloopers, Apple Bonkers and Snapping Turtle Turks, and, basically, the Beatles come to the rescue to save Pepperland,” she said.

Wrubel sees the screenings as a chance for a new generation to fall in love with the Beatles’ music.  

“I think parents who grew up with the Beatles, as I did, are going to bring their kids to expose them to this,” said Wrubel.

The fiftieth anniversary digitally remastered version of the film is only playing in a few locations around the country.