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RFV teachers show solidarity with statewide activism

Apr 25, 2018

According to the Colorado Education Association, around 10,000 teachers are expected to rally at the capitol Thursday and Friday. They want more funding and better retirement benefits. Most teachers in the Roaring Fork Valley aren’t leaving their classes to attend, but a handful will, and many others still plan to show solidarity.

At 5:15 p.m. Thursday, Roaring Fork School District teachers will rally on the lawn, next to the district offices in Glenwood Springs.   

On Wednesday night, a room full of teachers watched the district’s board of education sign a resolution, encouraging the state legislature to provide more money for public education.

In a presentation to the board, Carbondale Middle School teacher Rhonda Tatham summarized the state’s education spending with simply: "[It's] not good for Colorado, it's not good for our students, it's not good for anybody."

Some Aspen School District employees plan to demonstrate Friday, as well, before classes start. Lawmakers have until the legislative session ends, on May 9, to address educators’ concerns.