Rio Grande Recycling Faces Uncertain Future

Feb 6, 2019

The future of the Rio Grande Recycling Center was called into question at a city work session on Monday.

It is unclear, moving forward, who will foot the bill for the pickup and hauling of the materials at the center. The county will no longer pay and the city would have to reallocate other funds to pick up the costs.

Liz Chapman, an Environmental Health Specialist with the city, says it’s a vital resource used by many residents.

"We’re certainly deeply concerned that it’s up in the air. The Rio Grande is clearly one of the most utilized facilities that the city offers," Chapman said, "we often get upwards of 200 people there per day."

Her department estimates that Aspenites recycle about a quarter of their waste. Recently, the city tried to increase that number by requiring all waste haulers to provide curbside recycling. But some multifamily units are exempt, and many people still depend on or prefer Rio Grande’s facilities.

The city will be reaching out for public comment by the end of this month and will resume discussions in May.