Roaring Fork Officials Push For Cleaner Car Standards

Aug 15, 2018

Credit Courtesy of City of Aspen

UPDATED Thursday, Aug. 16, 3:25 p.m.: Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission decided it would consider including provisions for zero-emission vehicles. Roaring Fork Valley officials were among those pushing for their inclusion. The commission will discuss the issue again in December, before making a final decision in March, 2019. 

On Thursday, several Roaring Fork Valley officials will urge a state commission to adopt strict rules governing vehicle emissions.


In June, Gov. John Hickenlooper directed Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission to adopt low-emission vehicle standards, in anticipation of the Trump administration rolling back the federal emission guidelines.

Hickenlooper’s order does not include zero-emission or electric vehicles, and the City of Aspen and Pitkin County want provisions for those added to the new regulations. Councilmember Ann Mullins will address the air quality commission Thursday.


“We want the legislation to be as strong as possible," she said. "California is leading with their very, very aggressive legislation; we would like to be a leader along with them.”

Mullins will be joined by Pitkin County Commissioner Greg Poschman and Laura Armstrong from Aspen’s Climate Action Office.