Roaring Fork School District hires drug and alcohol prevention specialists

Nov 5, 2017

Carbondale prevention specialist Anne Chatman works at Carbondale Middle School and Bridges High School.
Credit Roaring Fork School District

With roughly $220,000 from the state in grant money, the Roaring Fork School District hired three, full-time “prevention specialists” who will teach mostly at middle schools in Carbondale, Basalt and Glenwood Springs.

Their positions are funded for three years.

They teach students a curriculum focused on emotional skills, developing healthy relationships and the physical effects of drug and alcohol use.

Sarah Fedishen, the program director for the district’s family resource center, claims it’s important to reach students early.

“You know, as they grow and they get into tougher and tougher situations, they have this tool kit that they can use to try and make positive decisions for themselves,” she said.  

The specialists are also available for counseling and to answer questions from parents and teachers.

The Aspen School District received a similar grant.