The Roaring Fork Swap: the valley's virtual town square

Nov 23, 2017

Over the years, the Roaring Fork Swap has transitioned from a online garage sale to a community information page.

The Roaring Fork Swap is a Facebook group. It was created as a sort-of online garage sale for people in the valley.

But now, with nearly 24,000 members - three times the population of the biggest town in the area -  it’s a society all of it’s own.


These days, among the listings for used dressers’ and last-year’s skis, there are also humorous videos posted from Grand Avenue Bridge traffic jams, posts about lost wallets reported and returned, and missed connection-style posts from frazzled mothers, thanking the stranger who helped de-escalate a toddler tantrum in the grocery store.


This week, members are offering full turkeys and meal baskets to others in need.


Reporter Alycin Bektesh spoke with group administrator Jessica Rose about what it takes to look after the valley’s virtual town square.