Robber steals pot from Aspen retail marijuana shop

Jul 28, 2015

  An Aspen retail marijuana shop was robbed on Tuesday. As of that night, the man is still at large. At 12:30pm Tuesday, a twenty something year old man stole marijuana from a store downtown called Stash. Owner Garrett Patrick calculates more than 400 grams were stolen, but declines to say what the value is.

Police say it was at least $11,000 worth. Patrick says employees felt threatened by the robber, who had a hammer. “[The employees] were saying please don't do this,” describes Patrick. “You don't need to do this. And what he told them was, I'm sorry, I'm just in a real bad spot right now."


The perpetrator knew at least one employee and Aspen police recognized the robber from surveillance footage.  Patrick says he's working with local and state law enforcement. He’s shocked the incident took place in a busy part of aspen, in the middle of the day.