‘Rock the Presidents’ teaches American presidential history

Sep 23, 2016

"Rock the Presidents" comes to the Wheeler Opera House on Tuesday.
Credit Courtesy Photo

Matt Miazgowicz is one of the actors in the play, “Rock the Presidents”. It’s a show designed to teach children up to middle school age about American presidents. All of them are named at least once. Miazgowicz spoke with Aspen Public Radio’s Patrick Fort about the show before it’s performed at the Wheeler Opera House Tuesday.

On his enjoyment of history…

“I didn’t seek out history necessarily. I’ve learned a lot about the presidents and their quirks. What certain people did in the office, and what people failed at...Some of the minutia is interesting. President Taft brought cows to the White House because he wanted them to produce their own milk.”


If performing gets more challenge during election years…


“I think it actually is a little easier. The students are more aware of what’s going on. We’re performing to students from first-graders to maybe eighth grade. There’s sort of differing levels of awareness. As you get older, you get more aware of our government and how we elect people.”