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Rudi E. Scheidt, Jr.

Apr 26, 2016

Credit Courtesy of Memphis Journal

Profession: Entrepreneur

Where do you live? Citizen of Aspen, Resident of Pitkin County

How long have you lived in the valley? Homeowner since 1999

In what capacity have you used AVH? How would you rate your experience and why?  For the past 17 years, my family’s experiences with the Aspen Valley Hospital have been exceptional.  My concern is for those whose experiences have not been as good as ours.

What compelled you to run for a board seat? I am the only candidate whose background is not rooted or associated with the Aspen Valley Hospital. I will provide an unbiased, new perspective when planning for the Aspen Valley Hospital’s future.

Have you ever attended a board meeting? If so, for what reason? If no, why not? I have served on corporate boards for the past 10 years.

What makes you qualified to serve? I have held the position of chairman of a large financial corporation and served on several corporate boards. I understand the importance of governance and financial responsibility that is of utmost importance in any institution.

What is the most important issue facing AVH? Healthcare in general? How will you address it? The most important issue facing the Aspen Valley Hospital is the risk of hiring the wrong CEO. The constant changing of healthcare laws will continue to be a primary challenge of the Aspen Valley Hospital.

The biggest job in front of the board of directors is to hire a CEO. What does the ultimate candidate look like? Is a local candidate who knows the community and hospital preferable? The community has entrusted the board of directors to conduct a nationwide search to hire the best CEO for the Aspen Valley Hospital. The ultimate candidate has many responsibilities. One of the responsibilities of this candidate will be to build back the confidence within the community, among employees, and the donors of the Aspen Valley Hospital. 

What do you want voters to know about you? I have been married for 32 years, I have three wonderful children, one of which was lucky enough to graduate from the Aspen High School.