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Ruedi Releases Bring More Water To Fryingpan, Colorado Rivers

Sep 18, 2018

File photo of Ruedi Reservoir
Credit Aspen Public Radio

While most local rivers are flowing at levels far below average, the Fryingpan is the exception. Releases from Ruedi Reservoir are supplementing low flows downstream, in the Colorado River.


The Bureau of Reclamation controls the amount of water that flows out of Ruedi dam, and announced this week that flows in the Fryingpan will increase to 400 cubic feet per second (cfs), more than double the average.

The increases will mean more water delivered to irrigators with senior water rights in the Grand Valley. It will also provide water to four endangered fish in an area known as the 15-Mile Reach near Grand Junction.

Flows in the Fryingpan River are expected to remain at 400 cfs through the end of September.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bureau of Reclamation announced late Wednesday that flows would not increase to 400 cfs as planned, but rather to 355 cfs.