Scientist-Turned-Artist Molly Peacock Explores Aging, Change In 'Morphous'

Apr 11, 2019

Ceramic sculptures by Molly Peacock, on display at The Art Base in her new exhibit "Morphous"
Credit The Art Base

Early spring is the perfect time for local ceramicist Molly Peacock’s show “Morphous.”


Her lightly colored, cloud-like ceramic forms look like melting snow banks.  




Peacock says she sees a metaphor in watching the snow change form this time of year.

"I’m getting older, and it’s almost a little funny, but with that feeling of my own body changing, it’s not a huge leap for me to address both landscape and aging and the body in the same piece," she said.

Peacock’s background is in biology. She says some aspects of her new career as an artist feel familiar.

"You know, I weigh out my own chemicals and mix my own glazes, and it reminds me of my science days," she said.

“Morphous” opens Friday night at the Art Base.