Sen. McCain: More boots on the ground to fight ISIS

Jul 27, 2015

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) spoke in Aspen Saturday as part of the Aspen Security Forum.
Credit Creative Commons/Flickr/Medill DC

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain spoke in Aspen Saturday. The republican discussed the Iran deal, cyber attacks, Donald Trump and ISIS. 

McCain’s talk was part of the Aspen Security Forum. In fighting the Islamic terror group ISIS, he says the U.S. has no direct strategy.

"We don’t have enough boots on the ground, we need intelligence people, we need trainers, we need a lot of things in order to restore the hollowed out Iraqi army and we’ve got to have some sort of strategy for Syria."

For nation-building to start, he thinks ISIS must first be beaten on the ground. ISIS is recruiting 1000 people per month. Young people are attracted to join, he says, because they see ISIS winning. He fears radicalized recruits will attack the U.S.