Senator Schwartz has high hopes for new senate candidate

Jun 26, 2013

Colorado state Senator Gail Schwartz's two term run wraps up in 2014.
Credit File photo

Colorado State Senator Gail Schwartz, of Snowmass, yesterday (Tuesday, 6-25) introduced the candidate she hopes will replace her in an election a year and a half from now. Aspen Public Radio’s Rebecca Kruth reports. 

Schwartz is term limited and will not be able to run in the next election. She met with Pitkin County Democrats in Aspen to announce Kerry Donovan of Eagle County as the candidate for Schwartz’s seat on the 2014 ballot.

Schwartz says it’s “critical” that Democrats maintain a majority in the State Senate in Denver and that Donovan is right for the job.

“She will carry on a very strong legacy of strong representation, showing up, solving problems, bringing resources and will serve western Colorado,” Schwartz said.

Donovan is director of academics for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail and runs her family’s ranch. She’s also been a member of the Vail Town Council for nearly four-years.

“If you care deeply about a place, one of the best things you can do is serve, and if you can serve on a committee or in a political capacity, then that’s a great way to show your passion for an area,” Donovan said.

For her part, Donovan says she’s excited about the months ahead and is looking forward to working with communities across the fifth district.

“It’s going to be a lot of miles on the truck. I’m going to spend a lot of time listening to you folks and learning these communities as well as I can, so that I know the issues and what I need to say when I go forward and represent you guys,” Donovan said.

Senator Schwartz says she’ll continue to prioritize education as her two-terms in the State Senate come to an end.

“Just remember, there are very few of us that represent the rural communities, and we need to stick together in terms of defending the issues that are important to our part of the state,” Schwartz said.

Currently, Schwartz says she has no plans to run for Congress.