Simi Sprints and the Sochi Spirit

Feb 12, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are very excited to share the travels of Simi Hamilton’s family to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing dispatches from Ruthie Brown and family as they give you a first-hand, “behind-the-scenes” look at the Olympics.

The Russian crew standing next to us and cheering Sim on while we cheered on their Russian skier, gave me this moms gold medal hanging around my neck. :-)
Credit Ruthie Brown

Some tough moments today for the US Team and one bright hope. Perhaps it didn't go as planned for many, but the crowd, venue, enthusiasm and camaraderie between nations exemplified the Olympic spirit. Sophie Caldwell was a shining star in her first Olympic debut with an exciting 6th place finish. Kikkan Randall had the potential and was poised to make history by being the first women to win a medal. She is a class act of the highest caliber - an athlete that promotes the sport instead of promoting herself. All nations wanted her to do well. One falter in the last 100 meters and she was out by a 100th of a second.

Simi heading into the start.
Credit Ruthie Brown

Sim could have popped a top finish but broke a pole just out from the start gate on the first heat. Mentally and physically he recovered amazingly well and stayed in the game but was boxed out on the most important climb and managed to avoid a major collision on the last corner by heading out into the fresh corduroy on the way in, trying to bring it home strong. The heat was wrenching to watch. But no excuses...his is psyched to move on to the next race, we are pumped to cheer him on and Al is successfully being the American ambassador extraordinaire and is busy trading pins!