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Snowmass Village Discusses CBD Sponsorships At JAS Labor Day Experience

Jan 31, 2020


Monday, the town of Snowmass Village looks at whether to allow CBD companies to sponsor the JAS Labor Day Experience event.

Snowmass Village and Snowmass Tourism’s agreement with Jazz Aspen Snowmass requires town approval of all sponsors and vendors. In the past, the town has nixed sponsorships by cannabis-related businesses.


In a letter to council, JAS CEO Jim Horowitz asks that these sponsorships be allowed in 2020, saying the organization has lost out on “significant financial contributions” from multiple companies and noting that council recently approved the first cannabis shop within town limits. 

The town’s agreement with JAS states that the extra scrutiny on cannabis-related sponsors is to preserve Snowmass’ image as an inclusive resort. 

JAS Vice President Andrea Beard says permission from the Town to move forward with CBD sponsors wouldn’t be a game-changer when it comes to the feasibility of holding the event in Snowmass. She notes that the organization has other concerns with the capacity of the current location at Town Park and transportation issues that they brought up with the town in December.