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Snowmass Village Supports Repeal Of State Rule On Who Can Regulate Plastics

Feb 4, 2020

Current state regulation preempts local governments from placing rules on the use of plastics.
Credit Danny Eastwood via Creative Commons

The Town of Snowmass Village signed a resolution in support of a state bill that would repeal language banning local governments from regulating plastics. 

Existing language, signed into law in 2017, preempts local governments from requiring or prohibiting “the use or sale of specific types of plastic materials or products or restrict or mandate containers, packaging, or labeling for any consumer products.”

A state bill introduced in January looks to reverse that, putting power in the hands of cities, towns and counties. 

Snowmass Village's resolution, signed by town council on Monday evening, says that the existing language “undermines our ability to respond effectively to the interests of our constituents in a manner that is consistent with the long-term goals and values of our community.”

If passed, the new legislation would not make any changes to statewide rules and regulations regarding plastics, but would allow local governments to make those kinds of decisions. The bill would likely go into place in August of this year.