Snowmass works toward sustainability

May 8, 2017

Snowmelt systems on Snowmass Village roadways account for 60 percent of the town's energy consumption. Work will begin this summer to reduce that.
Credit courtesy of twitter.com/TownofSnowmass

Snowmass Village council has identified environmental sustainability as a top priority for the town, and council members will hear about progress Monday.


The town’s Environmental Advisory Board sees ten areas where it can improve sustainability efforts, including things like waste reduction, energy conservation and green building.

Snowmass Village’s extensive snowmelt systems on the roads accounts for about 60 percent of the town’s energy use. Travis Elliott, assistant to the town manager, says the town will begin improvements to that system this summer… which could result in significant energy and cost savings.

Snowmass Village has also secured grants to improve energy efficiency in affordable housing complexes and is working on diverting more waste from the landfill.

Council will hear an update at its meeting Monday at 4 p.m. at Snowmass Village Town Hall.