Snowy Forecast Brings Smiles, Plans, Worries

Feb 5, 2014

Aspen Skiing Company says its four mountains have gotten fifteen feet of snow this winter, only halfway through the ski and snowboard season. A big contributor was a storm that dumped a historic amount of white gold in Aspen last week. Now, more winter weather is in the works, with two feet in the forecast for the next several days. There are mixed reactions from locals and tourists. 


There’s been so much snow, the City of Aspen is moving the growing piles to the Marolt Open Space. Snow storage at the dump site near the airport is already full. Both the City and Pitkin County are doing a balancing act, of having employees on the clock plowing and getting ready for the next storm, but also making sure workers are staying rested in preparation for many more hours clearing roads. At Buttermilk,  Australian tourist Cassie Rennie says current conditions are heavenly.

Cassie Rennie: “Absolutely fantastic, it’s a beautiful bluebird day out there. And the snow’s in good shape.”

Chris Rutland: “Chris Rutland, from Lafayette, Louisiana. I’m not sure, this is actually my first time ever skiing. But from what everybody else says, sounds like it’s good conditions.”

Over on the Tiehack side of the mountain, a few locals were getting ready to hike up and ski down. They had glowing reviews of the recent powder. 

Joe Puglis: “I’m Joe Puglis, I live in Glenwood Springs. Oh, it’s perfect, Valley needs it. We had a great to start to the season, and then it kinda slowed down the last few weeks, so it’s really good to have it  back. And it looks like it’s here to stay for a while.”

Devin Mills: “I like powder snow, for obvious snow for obvious reasons. It’s gonna inconvenience me in a lot of ways. I have to shovel my roof, so while you’re shoveling your roof, you’re not skiing. At some point there’s some much snow it becomes its own nemesis.”

Mills says the amount of snow on his house worries him.  His roof and windows could be at stake if he doesn’t stay on top of the shoveling. And he isn’t the only one to be a little nervous about the forecast for another round of white gold. Again, Louisiana visitor Chris Rutland, with a laugh:

Chris Rutland: “Hope that’s not the case because I gotta fly out Saturday!"