Some City Properties Exempt From Water Restrictions

Aug 23, 2018

Credit Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio

Earlier this month, Aspen City Council declared a stage 2 water shortage, restricting outdoor irrigation and water use. But several city properties are exempted from the rules.


The restrictions are meant to reduce water use by 15-20 percent across the community. They prohibit washing sidewalks or driveways, require people to fix leaking or dysfunctional sprinkler systems and limit irrigation of lawns to three days a week.

But these restrictions don’t apply to new landscaping or recently planted trees. That’s to allow roots to be established while that vegetation is most vulnerable — and it means Wagner Park, which gets new turf every year after the Food and Wine Classic, is exempt from watering restrictions.

They also don’t apply to the Aspen Golf Club because that irrigation system is based on weather station technology.