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Spotlight Health 2018: Healthy Communities

May 30, 2018

  This is Spotlight Health on Aspen Public Radio, our six-part series partnering with the Aspen Ideas Festival and the Spotlight Health conference. Each week, we bring you conversations with an exceptional mix of inspiring and provocative experts, who dive into topics of global and domestic health.

This week host Alycin Bektesh speaks with Agnes Igoye National Coordinator for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons, Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration, Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs. Herself an escapee of traffickers, Igoye  has vowed to keep fighting against human exploitation of all kinds. Guest Devita Davison speaks about Food Lab Detroit - a multi-factor support system for food growers and entrepreneurs. Journalist Dan Buettner talks about the common factors among the world’s population who live the longest, happiest lives.