State Contract Forces Changes To Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Jul 10, 2019

Credit Mind Springs Health

Roaring Fork residents experiencing a mental health crisis will now call a state hotline, Colorado Crisis Services, instead of a local one. 

Last month, Colorado discontinued a contract with Mind Springs Health for their crisis hotline.

Residents of Garfield and Eagle Counties who call the state line will now get assistance from Our Hope Center, based in Glenwood Springs, under a new contract. Pitkin County residents will still get local help from Mind Springs, according to vice president Michelle Hoy. 

"If a person needs more than that phone call, and they need a face to face evaluation by a mental health professional, the state hotline will dispatch someone from our team in Pitkin County to meet with the individual face-to-face," said Hoy.

She says the change won’t affect the organization’s funding. 

Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis is encouraged to call Colorado Crisis Hotline or Text ‘talk’ to 38255. Mind Springs’ crisis hotline will be discontinued at the end of August.