‘Stop Saving the Planet’ writer in residence

Sep 28, 2016

Jenny Price is Aspen Words' writer in residence for September. She is working on a project called "Stop Saving the Planet!"
Credit Courtesy of Aspen Words

Jenny Price, Aspen Words’ writer in residence for September, spent her month here working on her book titled “Stop Saving the Planet!”

Price describes the book as a polemical text, and it highlights the flaws she sees in the design of current environmental change movements. Price said she hopes that the book starts a dialogue.


“We really need to start thinking about nature as the foundation of modern life rather than as an escape,” Price said.

The book argues that individual actions are not enough to address environmental problems.

“It’s not 'stop saving the planet and start trashing the planet,'” she said. “Vote and pay your taxes are really high at the top of the list for being a good environmentalist.”

Price hopes to have the next draft of her book finished by the end of the fall.