Stories of change at 'Fire in the Belly'

Jun 5, 2018

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency, or CORE hosts an evening of storytelling Wednesday at Rock Bottom Ranch. "Fire in the Belly: Stories of CHANGE" is centered on moments of personal transition.


Part of the lineup this evening is Marc Whitley, a teacher at Aspen High School. He’ll tell his story about a kayaking trip that went awry.

“And we were stranded on a desert island, which sounds very cartoonish, but it was the reality of it,” Whitley laughed.

The evening features six local storytellers, all speaking about an experience that drove them to make a major change.  

They range in age from 13 to 72. Whitley said the audience will connect with the diversity of perspectives.  

“We don’t all have the same story to share. That’s what makes an event like this so exciting, but it’s also kind of what makes the world so exciting,” he said.

CORE, which focuses on energy efficiency in the valley, says the evening is meant to empower Roaring Fork residents to become agents of positive change themselves.