Survey: Snowmass Village residents happy with quality of life

Aug 17, 2015

New survey results show Snowmass Village residents are generally satisfied with their quality of life.
Credit Creative Commons/Flickr/Frank Denis Chalk it up

Snowmass Village residents are generally happy with their quality of life and feel safe in town, according to results from a community survey.

This is the third time Snowmass has conducted such a survey. It’s like a report card for Town government, giving full and part time residents as well as visitors a chance to rate services, like transit and public safety.

Travis Elliot is with the Town of Snowmass. He helped get the word out about the survey.

"An overall feeling of safety was our number one rated attribute. We actually have 90 percent responding that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall feeling of safety and 87 percent saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with overall quality of life."

Respondents would like to see the Town improve its communications about town happenings. The survey was previously conducted in 2007 and 2013. From now on, it’ll be done every other year.