Susan Wrubel: Aspen Film's new executive director

Sep 24, 2017

Susan Wrubel is Aspen Film's new executive director.
Credit Courtesy of Aspen Film

Aspen Film has named Susan Wrubel its new permanent executive director.


When Aspen Film’s Board of Directors brought Susan Wrubel onboard, they did so cautiously, giving her the title interim executive director. On Friday, the nonprofit updated her title on its website to remove the “interim” part.

A film-industry executive based in New York City, Wrubel adds over a decade of experience to the Aspen team.

Board member Elexa Ruth served in the interim role for several months, after the organization’s former director John Thew was terminated last April. He sued the organization and the two parties came to a settlement this past summer.


Last week, Aspen Film announced the lineup for the annual Aspen Filmfest, which starts Oct. 3.