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Technical Problems With Pitkin County Translators

Mar 8, 2019

3/19/2019: 91.1 near Aspen appears to be back to full power.

3/15/2019: 91.1 near Aspen continues to go off the air sporadically. The Pitkin County translator service is aware of the problem, but it may be some time before they are able to return consistent service from this transmitter site. Please try tuning to 91.5 or 88.9 instead.

3/14/2019: 91.5 near Basalt has been repaired and is back on the air.

3/11/2019: 91.1 near Aspen is back on the air, although it may be at a lower power than normal.

3/8/2019: Pitkin County-owned translator 91.1 near Aspen has been having intermittent problems due to power outages. County staff believe this is a weather-related issue with the solar power for this site. Please try tuning to 91.5 or 88.9.

3/6/2019: Pitkin County-owned translator 91.5 near Basalt is off the air due to a weather-related equipment failure. An engineer went to the site today to assess the problem, and will have to return next week to attempt a fix. Please try tuning to 88.9.