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Theatre Aspen's 'Our Town' will bring together large cast

Nov 27, 2017

Theatre Aspen has added the play “Our Town” to its 35th anniversary summer production lineup.


“Our Town” has a cast of 15, making this production Theatre Aspen’s largest play in more than a decade. The play will be directed by Hunter Foster, who has a long resume as an actor and director in Broadway shows.

Theatre Aspen’s producing director Jed Bernstein said it’s one of his all-time favorite plays.


“Its message about living in the moment and connecting with people and how we must be careful not to fritter away our time on the face of this earth," Bernstein said.


It was written in 1936 by playwright Thorton Wilder. Set in the fictional small town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, “Our Town” portrays the lives of its community through the past, present and future.


Theatre Aspen expects to announce a third production for its summer season in the coming weeks.