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Valley Health Alliance to hear expert on worker safety, health

Oct 14, 2015

Dr. L. Casey Chosewood.

  The Valley Health Alliance will be hearing from a national expert on worker health and safety on Thursday, October 15th. Researcher Doctor Casey Chosewood is with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control.

On Thursday, Chosewood will be talking about trends in employee health and what employers can do about it. He says a key improvement can be to focus on worker needs at, for example, Aspen Valley Hospital. “The health care aides, the people who run the operating room... if we concentrate on their health and well being, [there is] absolute spillover into better patient care and better service to the people who visit Aspen Valley Hospital for care.”

The Valley Health Alliance is in its first full year. The group is made up of the largest five employers in the