Valley Roundup - January 24th, 2014

Jan 24, 2014

Good afternoon and welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the week’s top news stories in Aspen and beyond.

We are joined today by Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News, Andy Stone, a columnist fro and former editor of the Aspen Times and Michael Miracle, Editor of Aspen Sojourner magazine.

The X Games are upon us and the word is that ESPN will continue them in Aspen for another five years.  The games bring a younger crowd to town.  Today we consider what Aspen looks like to a 20-something visitor.

Basalt is organizing a crowd-sourcing urban planning process.  The town wants residents to look ahead and imagine a future town.

Aspen will soon have an empty art museum to repurpose and the ideas for the space are rolling in.  The city wants a public service that will engage the community.

And on the Download with Rob St. Mary - Netflix could be ready to press subscribers into the battle over net neutrality.

Valley Roundup Topics 1-24-2014

Aspen Art Museum Repurposing

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Basalt Crowd-sourcing Urban Planning

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The X Games and How Young People See Aspen

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Pitkin County Sheriff Marijuana Discussion Groups

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The Download with Rob St. Mary

X Games:


Torin Yater-Wallace | X Games 2014 Superpipe Practice Run from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo.

If Netflix steps into the net neutrality battle it could recruit subscribers: