Valley Roundup - January 9th, 2015

Jan 9, 2015

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the top news stories in the valley in the past week.

This week it was announced that Aspen’s book store could have a new owner – a collection of non-profit social advocates.

To add more rentals or not to add more rentals, that is the question when it comes to affordable housing the in the area.

“Citizens to Save Grand Avenue” are challenging the bridge project. But, could it end up in the lawsuit?

Although the Parking Scam bilked Aspen out of thousands and thousands of dollars, the city says it’s still in the big green in that department.

Meanwhile, another type of big green, the smokable kind, might not be able to be grown in Silt.

The Roaring Fork School District finds itself enmeshed in a legal case related to a disabled, injured student.

And, is Ski Co right to say the Lift A-1 is not in need of replacing?

Joining me this week are Curtis Wackerle, Managing Editor of the Aspen Daily News, Brent Gardner-Smith of Aspen Journalism and Randy Essex, Editor of the Glenwood Post Independent.

This Week’s Topics:

Explore Gets a Non-Profit Buyer


To add more rentals or not to add more rentals?


“Citizens to Save Grand Avenue” Challenging the Bridge Project


Parking Scam but Still in the Big Green


Pot Grown Not Welcome in Silt?


RFSD and Disabled, Injured Student Case


Broken Lift – Is the ski racing association right?