Valley Roundup - June 20th, 2014

Jun 20, 2014

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the week’s top news stories in Aspen and beyond.  

There is a guilty plea today from William Styler in the murder of Aspen local Nancy Pfister.  He will be sentenced to 20 years.  Also all charges were dropped against Kathy Carpenter. We’ll hear the details from our Elise Thatcher.

Also joining us today are Carolyn Sackariason from the Aspen Daily News, Michael Miracle from Aspen Sojourner magazine and  Andy Stone from the Aspen Times. 

We’ll talk about the new real estate magnate in Aspen.  His name is Mark Hunt and he gave an exclusive interview to the Aspen Daily News this week.  Carolyn tells us about it.

Also the Pitkin County Commission responds to the big wedding and

On the Download we learn why Facebook has lost the hip.  Teens are exiting in large numbers.

Its all on this week’s Valley Roundup.

The Download with Rob St. Mary

Aspen Public Radio on iTunes Radio: http://bit.ly/APRiTunes

GO PRO “goes public”: http://time.com/105487/gopro-ipo-nasdaq-gpro/

Teens say Facebook is not hip: http://www.fastcompany.com/3031259/these-kids-today

NSA & Analyst Games: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/06/18/how-the-nsa-may-have-used-games-to-encourage-digital-snooping/

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Devices to Overtake Laptops/Desktops for Internet Access Soon:


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