Valley Roundup - June 21st, 2013

Jun 21, 2013

On the show this week Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News and Brent Gardner Smith, Editor of Aspen Journalism join us to discuss the top news stories. 

We talk with Carolyne Heldman, Executive Director of Aspen Public Radio about NPR’s decision to end production of Talk of the Nation after 22 years.  We discuss the show’s replacement.

On the Download Aspen Public Radio’s Digital Content Manager Rob St. Mary shares some great finds from the web.  This week – resources for monitoring drought in real time, NPR’s Venn diagram of how the word “bro” is used and a guy who has a collection of 3 million vinyl LP’s.

In the Media Roundtable with Sackariason and Gardner Smith the following topics are discussed:

Damming the Crystal River.

This week Pitkin County announced that a settlement has been reached that will prevent damming of the Crystal River.

From the Aspen Daily News:


From Aspen Journalism:


Aspen Construction Boom.

The city of Aspen issued more building permits in the first five months of the year than anytime since 2008, while the value of construction projects underway in town continues its upward trend

From the Aspen Daily News:




Affordable Housing Project Wins Court Approval

A district court judge has ruled in favor of a developer and the city of Aspen in a lawsuit brought by neighbors upset with the approval of the Boomerang affordable housing project.

From the Aspen Daily News:


Fiberforge Goes Under.

The local technology company Fiberforge, which employed 22 people designing and making lightweight thermoplastic components in Glenwood Springs, has gone out of business and transferred control of its assets to a third party liquidation firm

From the Aspen Daily News:


Police Foot Chase and Drug Bust.

There was a police chase in Aspen this week and then a cocaine bust.  Big excitement…and appropriately enough it was a foot chase.

From the Aspen Daily News:


Interview with Carolyne Heldman

NPR will end production of Talk of the Nation at the end of the month.  Aspen Public Radio’s Executive Director about what will replace TOTN in the schedule.

From NPR:


The Download with Rob St. Mary

The Drought Mitigation Center based out of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


Meet the new iPhone… looks like the old iPhone:


Are their divisions of "bros"?  


Free music for filmmakers through Moby's site Moby Gratis:

The Archive:

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.