“Voices” changes name to expand beyond Krabloonik

Mar 23, 2015

Voices for the Krabloonik Dogs is changing its name. The group has been raising concerns about sled dogs in Snowmass Village for many years, and now plans to focus more on state and national regulations. 

 Voices started in 2008, when locals saw signs of poor care and neglect of more than two hundred sled dogs at Krabloonik Fine Dining and Dogsledding. The group rallied media coverage and attention from around the world when the owner of the Snowmass Village business, Dan MacEachen, was arrested for animal cruelty in late 2013. Now, the group is shifting to the name, Voices for the Sled Dogs.

“In the big picture, the issue of dog welfare has come a long way locally, and the dogs and town benefit. That is what we have been working towards,” says President Leigh Vogel. “The fact that the Council and future committee members will be a part of this structure is encouraging.”


 Vogel is referring to Snowmass Village Town Council and a new committee to review how the dogs are cared for at Krabloonik. The business has new owners, and required local government oversight for approving the lease, because it operates on town-owned land. Snowmass Town Manager Clint Kinney says officials have confidence the new owners, Danny and Gina Philips, are on the right track.


“Improvements have already been made and they’re going to continue,” says Kinney. “And there’s a high commitment from the Phillips to the dogs. [Krabloonik] is an amenity that the town has said we want to make sure it continues forward.”

Leigh Vogel says Voices will keep an eye on Krabloonik, since they have some questions about how the new oversight committee will work. But organizers will be focusing more of their attention on improving state and national regulations for sled dog care.