Voters to be asked to extend open space tax

Jul 18, 2016

A mountain biker on Sky Mountain Park, a new network of trails developed by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails.
Credit Courtesy of Pitkin County Open Space and Trails

Pitkin County residents will likely be asked to continue taxing themselves to pay for open space and trails for another twenty years.

The Open Space and Trails Board plans to ask voters in November to extend a mill levy that provides about $10 million of funding a year. Allocation of that money would change slightly to allow for more spending on maintenance and stewardship of current Open Space and Trails properties.


This will be the program’s fourth authorization, and the tax rate will not change from the 2010 level.

The board will discuss the tax extension Thursday morning at its meeting.


Editor's Note-The original story stated that the reauthorization would also reaffirm the board’s bonding authority for up to $20 million. This language has since been dropped from the initiative.