Voters Divided Over Tax, Recent RFTA Poll Says

Jun 18, 2018

Credit Facebook/RFTA

At their meeting last week, the board of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) heard from consultants about the appetite the Roaring Fork Valley has for a property tax to help the authority expand.

A consultant, hired by RFTA, polled around 300 voters in the Roaring Fork Valley by phone. The results: Attitudes towards a possible mill levy for the transportation authority haven’t changed significantly since January, when the first poll was conducted.

Voters like RFTA’s services, but are evenly divided on whether or not they’d vote for a new property tax to expand those services.

The strongest supporters tend to be younger, male, Democrats and RFTA users, who live in Pitkin County.


Detractors tend to be older, Republican women, who don’t use RFTA, and who live down-valley.


The RFTA board is in the process of deciding if they’ll put a 3.65 mill levy on November’s ballot.