Websites stand together against relaxed net neutrality laws

Jul 11, 2017

Hundreds of tech companies are banding together for an online day of action in protest of FCC threats to net neutrality regulations.

 Top websites and tech companies are standing together in a “Day of Action” to protect net neutrality laws, which the Federal Communications Commission plans to relax.


Net neutrality rules were created to protect internet speeds across all websites. This keeps providers from giving preferential treatment to the highest bidder, while leaving small websites in the dust.

On Wednesday, visitors to top sites like Amazon, Netflix, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Kickstarter and Dropbox will see banners and mock-delays, to simulate what could happen if net neutrality laws are loosened, as proposed by the Trump administration.  

Video sharing website Vimeo approached the online protest by creating a video explaining net neutrality, and warning viewers of the consequences that would come out of net neutrality laws being repealed. The video also encourages viewers to take action and join the protest.

Along with being a free-market issue, supporters say net neutrality is needed in order to protect consumers. In the Roaring Fork Valley, Comcast dominates the market on broadband internet, so residents could effectively be cut off from local websites that are not part of the top-tier options for internet speeds.