What Should the World Do About Syria?

Jun 29, 2016

NPR Morning Edition host Renee Montagne.
Credit Aspen Institute

  When Obama drew his now infamous “red line” in August of 2012, the world closely observed. Chemical weapons and barrel bombs strangled the streets of Damascus and Aleppo while the intervention-cautious Obama administration furiously calculated its next steps.


Fast forward four years: Obama’s Syria strategy is viewed by many as his presidency’s greatest foreign policy blunder. Meanwhile, Aleppo burns, and the Islamic State rears its ugly head. More than one in ten Syrians have been wounded or killed since the beginning of the conflict. Tens of thousands arrested and detained. And more than 85 percent are living in poverty. Looking immediately and further forward, what is the world’s role in Syria? What must it do to halt the rising death toll and bring a sustainable peace?


Anne-Marie Slaughter

Frederic Hof

Peter Wittig

Renée Montagne

Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

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