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Wilderness Workshop launches advocacy tool

Jan 31, 2017

Credit Wilderness Workshop

Local non-profit Wilderness Workshop has a new tool for those who want to advocate for environmental conservation. The watchdog organization recently launched an email service called Capital Watch that suggests quick actions to protect public lands. Elizabeth Stewart-Severy sat down with executive director Sloan Shoemaker.

“It became very clear to me that there is a hunger and a need out there for people to figure out ways to take tangible action to fight for what’s important to them,” Shoemaker said.

While Wilderness Workshop’s primary focus has been on protecting the White River National Forest, this service widens the scope of that conservation mission.

“We’re trying to add value to our constituents here locally by filtering to things that have a direct impact on the place that they live, play and work, and also landscapes that we feel a particular affinity for, like Alaska and Utah,” Shoemaker said.

The goal, Shoemaker said, is to both educate people and encourage action.