Wildlife officers say to leave the drones at home

Oct 20, 2017

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are seeing more hunters using drones. The practice is illegal.
Credit Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife


Law enforcement officers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) say they’re seeing more hunters using drones to track wildlife. 

The use of drones for hunting breaks state regulations and the Federal Airborne Hunting Act. Travis Duncan from CPW explained that it’s also a violation of what’s known as the fair chase ethic.

“Hunting is about an intimate relationship with wildlife, and that you’re spoiling that by hunting in a way that is not fair to the wildlife, that gives you an unfair advantage,” Duncan said. 

Noise from drones can also harass wildlife, and that’s illegal, as well.

Penalties for violating drone laws range from $70 to over $100,000, if it involves illegally killing an animal.