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Will Breman From NBC's 'The Voice' Brings Music And A Message About Autism To Aspen

Feb 12, 2020

Will Breman, a semi-finalist from singing competition reality show "The Voice," introduced himself as someone with Asperger's syndrome to millions of viewers.

Will Breman, a semi-finalist on NBC’s reality singing competition “The Voice,” visits Aspen Saturday to perform at the annual Ascendigo Blue Aspen, hosted by a local nonprofit that supports those with autism and their families.

He brings with him a message about reshaping expectations for those on the spectrum. 

On "The Voice," Breman introduced himself to millions of viewers as someone living with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. He says he wanted to use the platform to fight stigmas, but it was still difficult, especially because some members of his family didn’t know he was on the spectrum. 

"It isn’t completely apparent. One of the things we deal with especially having high functioning autism is people saying, 'You don’t look autistic,'" he said.

Breman, now touring full-time, says his analytical outlook contributed to his current musical style; he’s a one-man band who loops together different sounds and tracks to create what he calls “Santa Barbara soul music.”