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Will Grosscup: Coping With Change Through Working Out

Jul 16, 2020


Will Grosscup used the quarantine to work out and improve his diet.
Credit WikiMedia

The three most important aspects of Will Grosscup’s life all changed due to the pandemic. He, like many others, had to adjust to a new academic, social and work life. 


Grosscup struggled to find motivation once school was cancelled. After navigating online Advanced Placement tests and wondering how a cancelled SAT test would impact his future, he turned to working out and a new diet to help his mental state. 


“I changed my diet, started eating a lot of protein, cut down on sugar, so I think that helped me cope with the boredom and with the inability of being able to leave my house,” he said. 

Even though school was no longer in session, Grosscup was still working at Target, where one of his co-workers was diagnosed with COVID-19. Being so close to others and seeing people react to the pandemic was eye-opening for him. 


“Through working there, [I] saw the thoughtlessness and the hoarding,” he said. “Buying these precious materials that they didn’t need and would definitely benefit other people more than it would benefit them, such as toilet paper and disinfectant wipes.”